Doula Office Hours

I teach doulas how to turn their love for birth into a thriving career.

Are you struggling as a doula?

You are not alone

As a doula trainer, I’ve seen a common pattern: doulas leave their training workshops filled with excitement, but when faced with the challenges of starting their business alone, they often become overwhelmed and discouraged, unsure of their next steps.

Frustrated doula at the desk
Frustrated doula at the desk
Frustrated doula at the desk
A doula share a story on Doula Office Hours.
Doulas working together can help each other figure the business parts out.
Join from anywhere or listen later - Doula Office Hours meets YOUR needs.

Make your doula business work for you.

Maybe you’re unsure of the next steps and need someone to show you exactly what and when to do it. Or maybe you need some of the following support to:

A Unique Doula Support Experience

Doula Office Hours offers something special. With quick mentoring sessions and extra coaching, you’ll be surrounded by other doulas who support and encourage you

What You'll Get:

  • ✅ Weekly Zoom calls for live mentoring & coaching
  • ✅ Monthly educational sessions
  • ✅ Doula Business Basics Course
  • ✅ Private member podcast
  • ✅ Accountability groups
  • ✅ Private podcast of calls
  • ✅ Mock interviews
  • ✅ Micro-classes on tons of topics
  • ✅ And much more!

In addition to all these things, you’ll gain great doula friends and learn how to run your business more efficiently and effectively.

You’ll experience a warm and inviting educational experience with a group of doulas that will continue to support you as you grow in your doula business.

Paperwork can overwhelm doulas - let us help you!
Work together with doulas, and get stuff done.

Expert Help & Fixes

I’m here to share my experience with helping different people. Need new ideas or just some advice? I’m your go-to person for quick and easy solutions.

I want to help you feel confident in your work. Together, we’ll improve your skills and find new opportunities. Support should be fun and energizing!

Networking & Collaboration

Doula Office Hours is about more than just my advice. It’s a group of passionate professionals who help each other by sharing wisdom and different viewpoints. Feel free to brainstorm and collaborate in a supportive, judgment-free space.

Together, we reduce stress and support each other. Share your doubts and celebrate your successes as a team. These connections are valuable for avoiding burnout and staying motivated.

Sharing ideas and help each other out, doula office hours is a great way to get going..

My name is Robin.

I understand how it feels not to know the next step running a doula business.

I’ve been helped thousands of doulas build successful businesses for over 30 years and will share all the secrets to running a doula practice without getting overwhelmed. I can teach you how to attract clients, set fair rates, and stand out from other doulas. You’ll build a strong business, stay organized, and love what you do. Get ready to learn from me and become a successful doula!

Robin holding a mug that says Doulas Need coffee.
Robin with her doula training supplies.
Robin Elise Weiss being silly with a mini pelvis.
Publications that Have Featured Robin
You've got a life - doulas get that. So you can take us with you on the go.

Recording Library

Life can be busy, but you can keep learning at your own pace with my on-demand library. Listen while doing other tasks or after important calls, so you don’t miss out on any valuable discussions.

Ready to join and grow with us? I’m excited to see what we can achieve together. Our potential is limitless when we support each other – let’s get started!

A woman works on her computer with her child nearby.

Productivity Boosts

Our scheduled co-working sessions provide gentle accountability. This helps ensure that tasks like client intake and self-care planning get done, preventing procrastination. With Doula Office Hours, you’ll be energized and working at your best.