Doula Office Hours

Go further faster with your doula business.

What are the pitfalls of working alone?

Over the years as a doula trainer, what I’ve noticed is that doulas often are very excited when leaving their workshop – only to find that as they face it alone, they aren’t sure what to do next and quickly become 

Pitfalls of working alone:

Frustrated doula at the desk
Frustrated doula at the desk
Frustrated doula at the desk
A doula share a story on Doula Office Hours.
Doulas working together can help each other figure the business parts out.
Join from anywhere or listen later - Doula Office Hours meets YOUR needs.

With Doula Office Hours, you gain:

More than just a birth bestie! Maybe you’re unsure of the next steps and need someone to show you exactly what and when to do it. Or maybe you need some of the following support:

My name is Robin.

Nurturing Your Success With Community Support

Hello fellow doulas! My name is Robin Elise Weiss and for over 30 years I’ve had the honor of supporting people through birth and parenting journeys. What started as a passion has become my life’s purpose – and I want to help you fulfill yours too.

As a birth doula trainer, I’ve helped educate and empower thousands of doulas to enhance their skills and grow thriving businesses with my guidance. Now I’m opening my virtual doors to share that wisdom through Doula Office Hours.

This is a judgement-free space where you can recharge alongside a diverse group of professional peers who truly understand this work. I created it so we can collectively lift each other up through shared stories, brainstorming and accountability. Consider me your personal navigator – together we’ll smooth out any bumps to make your dreams a reality. You’ll never have to feel alone in this work again!

Robin Elise Weiss, long time doula and doula trainer, leads Doula Office Hours.
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A Doula Support Experience That Exceeds All Others

Doula Office Hours is like nothing you’ve ever experienced. With micro-mentoring and side-door coaching, you’ll have lots of other doulas working with you, lifting you up, and cheering you on.

What You'll Receive:

In addition to all these things, you’ll gain great doula friends and learn how to run your business more efficiently and effectively.

You’ll experience a warm and inviting educational experience with a group of doulas that will continue to support you as you grow in your doula business.

Paperwork can overwhelm doulas - let us help you!
Work together with doulas, and get stuff done.

Expert Guidance & Troubleshooting

I’m here during our meetings to generously share my frontline experiences supporting populations of every background. Need fresh perspectives or just reassurance? Consider me your troubleshooter with tailored, real-time answers and solutions.

I want to empower you with evidence-based knowledge to feel confident in your work. Together, we’ll sharpen skills that improve care, satisfaction, and opportunities for growing diverse practices. Support shouldn’t feel like “work” – it should energize us!

Networking & Collaboration

Doula Office Hours is about more than my guidance alone. It’s a collective of enthusiastic professionals motivated to lift each other higher through shared wisdom and diverse viewpoints. Brainstorm and invite collaboration freely in a judgement-free space.

Stress melts away through community solidarity. Vent doubts and celebrate wins together as an equal, empowering team. These are connections worth their weight in gold for reducing burnout professionally.

Sharing ideas and help each other out, doula office hours is a great way to get going..
You've got a life - doulas get that. So you can take us with you on the go.

Recording Library

Life gets hectic, but advance your learning flexibly on your schedule through my growing on-demand library. Listen while multitasking or after especially impactful calls, without falling behind on valuable discussions.

Ready to join and start growing together? I can’t wait to see what we can achieve through this community of support. Our potential is unlimited when we lift each other higher – let’s get started!

Productivity Boosts

Our structured co-working times offer gentle accountability too. Ensuring tasks like client intake and self-care planning actually get done prevents procrastination. I want you operating at your fullest potential with Doula Office Hours energizing your success.


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